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the neuline torque arm

The most efficient way to translate axle wrap torque into forward bite! Designed for use on any 3 link rear suspension style (solid and birdcage) or leaf spring suspension style setups. 


works with a wide range of chassis:

Super and Pro Late Models
Outlaw Late Models
Open Wheel Modifieds
Tour Type Modifieds

Center Steer Modified
Sportsmen Classes
Street Stock
Road Race Cars


designed for easy seamless install


We have the length you need

Two options for length gives you the perfect amount of bite you need for your setup. 


Minimal height fits all interiors and panhard bars

Only 2.5" above the axle and just 10" in overall height. 


find the perfect fit torque arm

Complete SUSPENSION kits

Packaged  specifically for your chassis, they include all the parts that are needed to get fully setup to get you winning right out of the box. 



Search for the individual parts and purchase only what you need. 


tons of bushings options

Stackable bushings let you precisely control the rate you want. Choose between Orange (hard) and White (soft) to fully customize the stack rate. Flat washers are included all for one low price. 

Bump Bushings
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Advantages of switching to an adjustable torque arm