Neuline Lift Arm

Neuline Lift Arm

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We flipped the lift arm upside down to pull off the bottom of the chassis to maximize the amount of downforce you get on the back tires from axle wrap torque. Pulling under loading increase loading efficiency and keeps the bushing/spring stack perpendicular to ground, making forward bite more consistent than a 5th coil setup. Adjustments are responsive and easy to make at the track. This arm produces insane bite even on the slickest tracks!


  • More tire loading than traditional lift arm/5th coil setups

  • Promotes more consistent and reliable forward bite due to less angle change in 5th coil

  • Length adjustable between 34”-38”

  • Works with both late models and modifieds

  • Control loading force by adjusting arm length - Control loading speed by adjusting bushing/spring stack

What's Included:

  • 1 Lift Arm Frame (QC or Ford 9”)

  • 1 Slider Assembly (select Aluminum or Steel Option)

  • 1 Chassis Slider Box

  • 1 Threaded Rod and Slider Sleeve

  • 1 Set of Quick Change Rear End Plates (select Ford 9” option for added Ford 9” adapter plates)

  • 1 Female Rod End

  • 2 Chassis Mount Spacers

  • 6-Pack of Bump Bushings with flat washers

  • Complete Grade 8 Hardware Kit

  • 2 3/4” Male Rod Ends and Jam Nuts

  • 2 Grade 8 3/4”-16 x 7.5” Long Bolts and Nylon Lock Nuts

  • Step by step Installation Instructions

  • Adjustment card

  • 1 on 1 setup support

Rear End Style:
Slider Style:
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