Quick Change Pull Bar

Quick Change Pull Bar


Designed to easily change acceleration bushings at the track without taking the pull bar apart or even off the car!

100% Steel • IMCA Legal • Ships setup for your style of racing

Keep up with changing track conditions with Neuline's Quick Change Pull Bar. Bushing changes are a much more responsive adjustment than bushing preload adjustments so we designed our pull bar to allow easy and safe bushing changes right at the track, allowing you to change your bushing rate/pull bar travel rate. The quick change pull bar comes fully loaded with all bushings, rod ends, hardware, and dual travel indicators. 


  • IMCA Legal

  • 100% steel construction

  • Swap bushings at the track

  • Total weight = 8 lbs

  • Bronze Oilite bushings along all sliding surfaces

  • No need to grease

  • 90, 80, 70, 60, and 50 durometer bushings available in Hard & Soft compounds

  • Replacement bushings are only $9.00/piece

  • Total length with rod ends (heim joints) = 20"

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