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the neuline lift arm

The most efficient way to translate axle wrap torque into forward bite! Designed for use on any 3 or 4 link rear suspension style and works with any j-bar/panhard bar setup.

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works with any late model or modified chassis


Beak Built

designed for easy seamless install


Adjustment to race anywhere

The Neuline Lift Arm overall length is designed from decades of research and testing between short tracks and big tracks, heavy tracks to super slick tracks. Combined with the built in slider adjustment, you can control just the amount of bite you need anywhere you race.


Multiple Rear end options

Currently fitted for both 10" quick change and Ford 9" rear ends. All of our lift arm kits comes included with mounting brackets for 10" quick change rear ends or Ford 9" rear ends. The Ford 9" plates weld to the front face and bottom edge of the Ford 9" housing. Both options are fitted to clear standard pinion mounted j-bars. 


bite control overload

The length controls the amount of bite you want in the chassis. The bushings/springs control how fast you want the load to transfer to the tires. With a stackable design, five bushing rates, and 30 bump spring options to choose from you can get the weight transfer as fast or slow as the car needs. Soften the bushing stack to give the chassis more sustained traction on slicker tracks. Stiffen the bushing stack to transfer the force faster on shorter/tighter tracks. 


Built to Last

Our lift arm is 100% steel construction to ensure long lasting performance and adherence with steel suspension rules. Our front armature design includes a female rod end for mounting to chassis as well as a spherical bearing inside the armature to allow full range of motion of the rear end and chassis. A threaded rod run through the bushings and allows you to preload the bushing stack while the slider sleeve fits tightly over the threaded rod and allows the arm to travel freely minimizing wear on the bushings and the bearing. 

Better design better consistency

What's the Neuline Difference?

Besides offering innovative racing products, we are proud to offer the best customer support and service in the industry. Being a Neuline customer is so much more than using our products. We have any engineer speak with you directly to address any questions around install, setup, and adjustments. We are always a call or email away. Whether you are ready to purchase or still have questions, feel free to reach out to make sure our toque arm is going to be the perfect fit for you setup. 

Engineering Support - Curtis Neumann - P: 704-232-0919 E: